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Quora is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. Its owner, Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California, United States.

John mentioned, "Quora, the place where people can get away with writing any comment, spread propaganda or harassment, be offensive as long as they don't use the word $#*!.

However if you, God forbid, call someone out when they blatantly offend you using hypocritical and passive aggressive lingo, your comment gets deleted because it's straight to the point.

If I can't write it there I'll write it here. Quora can go $#*! itself along with it's employees who should get killed for being stupid $#*!ing imbeciles who can't judge nor care to judge properly."


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Technical Author (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy my time there. I write lots of questions, but have been distracted with work and what not. Good place to be. Not easy to become a partner, you need to be invited"

Lambert W says

"Quora sucks because answering questions there is work, but instead of earning a salary, I get up-votes. I don\'t like getting comments on my answers because comments suck. "

Katie says

"Full of pretentious assholes, herd mentality. Be prepared to defend any answer that you write that may go against the grain. "

Former Quorian says

"One of the worst sites I have ever been on. Full of leftwing snowflakes who, if you write an opinion that does not agree with theirs and a snowflake is injured by said comment, you get reported and permantly banned from ever being able to comment again or even ask a simple question on the site. F#@K quora!!"

Former Quorian says

"Forgot to add in my review that ever since I signed on at Quora my email has been literally bombarded with tons of disgusting porn text spam. Enter that site at your own risk."

sharron me says

"They are idiotic empty-headed lunatics, I never subscribed to them & now I cannot get out of their constant messaging. I have tried the UNSUBSCRIBE button but no response. Their writers have nothing better to do than to contribute to lousy material. They either do not or cannot comprehend ALL the BAD reviews written about them, they must suffer from warped minds or are brain-dead. GET OUT of my website won't you, I am just not interested in any of your foolish emails."

David Mills says

"Started getting unwelcome inane e-mails from Quora on mobile phone at our gmail address. No idea why. Must have gone to their site on a search for something. There is an unsubscribe button, unfortunately obscured on the mobile by the icons for reply etc. Had to look at it on a big screen. Then found pressing unsubscribe takes you to another, non functional screen. After about 45 minutes searching Quora site found I had to create a password somewhere in a long list of menus in "my account", then log in and only then delete my account. I don't even know yet whether it has worked, other subscribers have written it is not that easy! These pests should be banned from the internet. Would give them 0 stars if I could."

Space Cat says

"Terrible site. I kept getting an insane amount of emails from them. So I had to go through a lot of their subjects to unsubscribe to emails. In the end I just deleted my account. Or so I thought. Somehow I found my google account had been relinked (I must have looked something up half asleep and yet found myself a member again so deleted again). Again I thought I was no longer a member. A sigh of relief. Then today I find an email from quora digest, AGAIN. So I had to actually had to create a password because apparently looking at their site meant my google had signed me back up just so I could delete the account and yet again stop the emails. I think it's time to block from seeing their site. They spam and spam and if you even view one question with your google account signed in, they sign you right back up. Delete should mean delete. I deleted, not disabled or deactivated, deleted it multiple times. It may be popular (unfortunately) but something doesn't seem right and a lot of users have left. I left them for many reasons. A few searches should explain why this company is a problem aside from the data breach in 2018. No doubt they'd blame me somehow for accidently finding myself with an unwanted account again. These guys need to be investigated. I'm blocking them so I never see their site again. It's the only way to stop it as far as I can tell (I hope). I'd give them zero stars if I could."


"Its a big Scam site don't work"

Joanne Wheeler says

"They trick you into getting endless unwanted emails from their company, and you start to get endless unwanted emails and when you click on unsubscribe it forces you to set up an account to be able to delete your account."

P Schipper says

"After being a member for a few years I finally deleted my Quora account and it felt so good to do that. Quora pays for questions and the number of answers they generate and that is where it falls down for me. The number of idiotic questions is just unbelievable. People ask questions and don't even bother to read the answers. These questions are often provocative, in an effort to drum up more answers. There are also very annoying people who only focus on commenting on the answers others have written. I have been harassed countless times, even to the point of being threatened with violence, over nothing. This provided the last straw for me, one guy kept coming back at me in the comments section and when I asked him to leave me alone (in those very words) the moderators deleted my comment and not his, which was much more aggressive. I appealed and lost, which proved the moderators did not even bother reading what had happened, so I simply closed my account. The other guy had written no answers at all and just focussed on commenting, whereas I had been writing answers in two languages. Quora is filled with pseudo intellectual haters and I regret ever wasting my time on it. I'll never, ever go back to it."

Elizabeth says

"I was trying to find some answers to a question I can’t really remember right now, but quora started popping up random notification that wouldn’t go away and then they started sending some emails. Honestly not even worth the headache. Would not recommend."

essey b says

"The “moderators” are utterly pathetic. It seems like another user only needs to report a comment you make and it’ll be deleted without question for “violating Quora policy”. It wouldn’t surprise me if much of the moderation is done by bots. It’s just too ridiculous to believe otherwise. The final straw for me was when I called out a troll answer. The answer was obviously just an attempt to wind people up. He reported my comment and had it deleted, claiming it was because the comment was xenophobic. It was, of course, nothing of the sort. Any further comments refuting the accusation were also swiftly removed. I reported his comments, falsely calling me xenophobic, but the mods didn’t seem interested. His comments weren’t removed, in any case. I imagine this was because he had quite a few followers and I didn’t. Basically, you’ve got a situation where someone can say whatever they like about you, and you are powerless to defend yourself. Bear in mind that this is a site that requires you to use a real name. As unlikely as it is, someone you know could potentially come across false accusations like this. Don’t even bother trying to appeal. Waste of time."

Joshua says

"I was into the Quora Partner Program since +- mid of December 2020. So I was paid to ask questions. I've reached the point where I was making $25/30 daily only after few weeks on this Quora Partner Program... and they banned me for absolutely no reasons a day before the pay. I just have to read others comments to understand... Quora is the biggest scam ever. Be warned people especially if you're into the Quora Partner Program. They will ban you at some point without any reasons."

Barney Smith says

"How difficult can they make it to delete a Quora account which I’ve suddenly started getting emails from after logging in to google? I have no interest in it, don’t recollect signing up 4 it, and seem to b stuck in an endless loop of password resets and other issues which prevent me from deleting it. Most company’s have an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email which does the job in a couple of clicks. Quora’s, clearly deliberately, makes this process as complicated as possible. Clicking the link simply fires u onto the web page which then demands a password you’ve never set up (cause u didn’t sign up for it in the first place) before u can delete it. It also hides the actual delete account area as deep in the settings as possible. I also can’t find a means to contact them to complain about hijacking my email address and bombarding me with emails to take u 2 the site. It strikes me as an absolute con to boost their visitor numbers and membership. Most people likely give up before managing to delete it, which I guess is the intention. Checking the web it would appear that it is a tool that people do use. However, for a legitimate company to use such shoddy underhand tactics doesn’t inspire any confidence in the security of any personal data they poses. Which is why I’ll perceiver until i get rid of it."

DJBrandywines Music says

"This website is a joke don't let people no matter what color you are get away with bullying harassment and racism but if you happen to call that person out and put them in their place for being that type of person oh no you can't do that you get in trouble for it your comments get taken down but these people who use bullying harassment and racism it's a free-for-all for them they can do whatever the hell they want on this website I've had questions I've answered and people actually comment on them doing the things I've said they do and get away with and I've reported them and nothing ever gets done but if I tell someone to leave me alone and don't reply to me no more that gets taken down if I call somebody a racist for being a racist my common gets taken down. If I answer a question correctly that answer gets taken down the only ones they leave up are all the ones for stupid people who think that they're always right when they're actually wrong about what they're commenting on like the fact that people keep asking if white people's ancestors came out of Africa no they did not they came out of your eurasia but because I said they came out of Eurasia I got in trouble and I got banned for doing so I got in trouble and banned for calling people racist when they were being racist I got banned for defending people against bullies so yeah this website's a joke in the moderators are complete racist jerks who let everybody who are just like them get away with the ever they want."

missinformedandnothappy says

"what a dreadful website it is, I decided to write about how much I disliked a pop group and their songs not to mention their lead singer. The people who replied reminded me of some of my old school teachers, their comments were just awful, and very outdated too. If they only knew how dreadful their lead singer is to this day they would be quite surprised. As for Quora its a terrible website, glad I decided to delete my account."

Sophia Li says

"First off, they don't let us fully communicate without deleting comments. My comment was made, and I respected the person, stating that my comment was made in no way to harm others. Yet they still deleted it, an keep that comment which showed hate to others. Stating that others where dumb, and showing gross and sensitive pictures.SERIOUSLY?"

Mark Jessup says

"Quora selectively deletes actual helpful content and promotes hate and negative comments. Steering and propaganda have a new platform, where stupidity and other forms of public ignorance get the front seat while common sense and sanity are forced out. I've never seen a platform with such horrible management of content and propaganda steering with the exception of the FB nazi AI..."

Janice Wahl says

"Quora does not get even one star from me I have unsubscribed a multitude of times but no they have to keep coming back and coming back I tried to call them know they cannot answer it's a different number it goes all the way to Florida when it says Mountain View is your address wake up people I don't want to hear from quora again get with it or go over in an English class so you can understand what I am saying Thank you very much and have a great day and a wonderful holiday goodbye."

sideshow bob says

"After having an account for five years, someone apparently flagged my name as not being real when it IS my real name. Look, just because you dont like an answer someone gives doesnt mean you shoukd be childish about it and ban someone's account. F quora bunch of losers with no real authority in life so they abuse the hell out of the so called "authority" that the internet gives them."

David Iarussi says

"Without ever hearing of this Quora, Quora spammed me with an unsolicited email saying that my continued (sic) use of their terms of service after Jan., 21 ( sent on Dec. 18, ) is a legally binding acceptance constituting my agreement of their Terms of Service and conditions. My private photo ( I do not have a FB account ) and private restricted legal photos I have of business documents was also visible on my unsolicited Quora.com 'account'. There was NO UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the spam email or anywhere else on their unsolicited email."

420LambSlop says

"It's an unreliable source of information, no way to check credentials and basically anyone can spam useless information claiming to be an expert. It's another lame way to try to connect to people who require people's validation, congrats Quora, you've created an online, human zoo of potential criminals, just like Facebook, but red."

Hamish Dabee says

"All though I cant really prove it, I highly doubt the amount of porn like stories from individuals are genuine. Theres even people apparently defending quite dark things. Although I suspect most these profiles are not real. I think profiles who comment about quite innocent things are genuine where as soon as a post becomes controversial, you can tell the person is disgenuinune hiding behind a computer screen. (Eg theres a lot or people advertising they support things like incest) It's a weird world to walk through tbh."

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